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Preformed Pouch sealing Machine-Band Sealer
Preformed Pouch sealing Machine-Band Sealer

In industries like sugar, tea, rice, grains, etc, there is a great need for pouch sealing machines. These machines do the work of appropriately seal the open end of the pouch in which the required material is already filled. These machines save a lot of time because sealing is one of the most time taking activity in the whole production process of any industry. A Pre-Formed Pouch is sealed with the help of a certain amount of heat applied to it. So, this machine automatically does this work. By using these machines, there are very less chances remains for faults in the sealing. You get a highquality and good looking seal on the pouch which improves the appearance and value of your products. This machine can also be attached with the filling systems too to make your work more easy.


Product Specification This is a Semi-Automatic Band Sealing Machine to seal Pre-formed heat sealable pouch for low end production area. This machine can be supply along with Semi-Automatic Filling system to fill the product into the preformed pouches. Any type of pouch (three sides, four sides, center seal, stand up, zipper etc) can be sealed.
Adjustable Conveyor Height 50mm to 625 mm
Take out Conveyor Speed 5to10 meter/min
Teflon belts are used for sealing.
Power Supply 220VAC , Single Phase
Consumption 1.5 KW
Speed depends on Size of the pouch, Degree of vacuum required, Packing material. Any Filling system can be attached with this machine. Cooling fan for cooling of pouch / Teflon belts.
Machine has Continuous Sealing and Cooling System.
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