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Electronic Load Cell weighers
Electronic Load Cell weighers

This machine is used for packing of granular and free flowing products in a wide range of consumer packs with highly accurate weight based system, ensuring high speed and easy changeover time.


Highly Accurate Accuracy within the range of 2-5 gms from 100 gms to 5 kgs packing.
Heavy duty and robust vibrator for feeding the material with bulk and fine feeding option
Load cell controlled weighing system, which ensures highly efficient weighing, easy calibration and weigh setting thus reducing weighing changeover time.
Digital display shows the weight in each pack, thus the positive feedback.
No effect of change of bulk density of the product on the setting of the machine as weight based positive control system.
All contact parts with material are made of stainless steel.
Pneumatic technology used for easy and efficient working of the machine.
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