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Slurry Preparation and applicator systems
Slurry Preparation and applicator systems

The slurry is the main component used in food processing systems. It is a seasoning which is used to provide the desired taste and flavor to the material. It should be made appropriately otherwise it can result in a bad or changed taste of the product. After its preparation, it is applied to the material with the help of applicator systems. Many types of machinery are evolved for doing the whole process at once. These machines provide easiness to the manufacturer and result in fast outputs. Innovative Pack Tech is also providing its services for Slurry preparation and applicator systems.


No of slurry kettles 2 No
Slurry kettle diameter 700mm
Agitator drive motor 1 x 0.75KW
Metering pump 1 x 0.18KW
Machine Body Material Stainless Steel
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