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Roaster & Masala Drum (Double Decker)
Roaster & Masala Drum (Double Decker)

Doulble Decker Roaster and Flavour Drum is used to Roast and applying Flavour on the product Coating Tumblers are manufactured to suit all capacity requirements. Standard sizes range from 8' length x 24" diameter to 11' length x 36" diameter. All come standard with a stainless steel frame with adjustable legs. Motor, bracket, and oil spray pipe and nozzle are also standard


Roster cell : Inner Diameter -700 mm, L- 3500 mm
Flavor cell Inner Diameter: 700 mm, L- 3500 mm
Product Contact Parts : SS304
Frame Structure : SS304 / M.S. Painted
Roaster Motor : 1 HP, 220 VDC
Flavour Drum Motor: 1 HP, 220 VDC
Heater Load : 20-30 KW , 220 VAC
  Electric control Pane
Dimension: 5000mm length 1500mmwidthx 3000mm Height
Weight : 500kg (Approx)
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