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Puff snack Extruders
Puff snack Extruders

Puff/ Soya Extruder having double barrel can be extrude Puff ball (small & big )in size, Rings, Heart & many more shapes shape . Temperature can be controlled by circulating water into the Extrusion head. Feed & size of the product could be vary by VFD

Technical Specification

Capacity: 80-100 Kgs/Hr
Main Motor: 20/25 HP, 3phase,415VAC, 1475 RPM Crompton make
Feeding Motor: 1HP, 220 VAC, 1500 RPM alongwith VFD
Cutting Motor: 1HP, 220 VAC , 1500 RPM along with VFD
  SS/ MS Covering
  Automatic Electric control panel
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