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Auger Filling Machine with Loadcell – Powder
Auger Filling Machine with Loadcell – Powder

To accurately fill powder products like detergent powder, coffee powder, milk powder, spices, flour, etc, an auger filling machine will help you a lot. But, if an auger filling machine is along with the loadcell then it makes the work easier. This machine will help you to accurately weigh the material while filling and stop the filler when it reaches a certain range of weight fixed by you. This machine is widely used in big industries for a long time. But, if you want it in your industry too, it is now easy to do so. Innovative Pack Tech is providing you the best in the industry Auger Filling Machine with Loadcell Powder Machine in Delhi.


Product Specification Auger Filling machine is used for packing of Powders & semi powder products such as Spices, Milk Powder, Chemicals, Flour, Besan, Maida, Pesticides, etc. The products are highly durability and features with excellent performance that can successfully handle varied non free flowing powdered products.
Filling Capacity 10 gm. to 10 Kg. (By different models).
Filling Speed Depending on the product characteristics and weight
Volume control Clutch brake / servo motor Controlled Auger Screw.
Power Supply & Consumption Single phase, 220VAC, 50Hz, 2 HP
Stirrer A opposite direction stirrer moves in the Hopper for better filling.
Contact Parts Made of SS-304. Electric foot paddle switch used for easy and efficient working of the machine
Optional Attachments Screw Feeder (Open / Close Type)
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